-----This instrument is the wooden-wind instrument which consists of three parts:

- pipe for ballooning (dulac)
- bag (goatskin)
- shepherd's flute (diple)

-----Shepherd's flute is wooden-wind instrument which consists of two wooden pipes , two mouthpieces (made of elder) and "kutla" (head of this instrument). You play it with six fingers (with twice three for every hand).

-----Mouth tube ( dulac ) is a wooden pipe through which you breath into a bag (goatskin). Mouth-tube is twisted in a small wooden plate that is connected with the upper part of a bag and under it is inner (one way) valve for blowing.

-----Bag (goatskin) is made of young billy-goat , two years old (not older)
You shave goatskin with a razor and prepare it well (move and press) to become soft. You connect shepherd's flute at the neck of bag and you put pid's teeth at the feet. You put small wooden plate with a mouth tube and big wooden plate to the back part (wooden plate is wooden carved plate with tha diameter of 15 cm).


-----"Gusle" is national stringed instrument. They are made of one piece of solid wood , mainly maple. They consists of head , neck, hollow covered with skin and one or two strings stretched from bottom to neck of "gusle". Strings are made of horse hair.
-----You play with fiddlestick moving it over strings at "gusle". Fiddlestick is a bent piece of wood and also with a string on.
-----"Gusle" and fiddlestick are carved and decorated with national ornaments. Such an instrument "gusle" are made by Todor Komazec and carved by his own hands, without any machine. The sound of "gusle" is soft and elegiacally like sounds of violin.


-----Fife or double fife is a wind wooden instrument with two tubes with holes, right for playing and left for accompaniment.
-----In the family of Todor Komazec, fife is made as top
music instrument which is also called shepherd's music instrument. Except of good sound they are well carved. Todor is great master for carving and playing at fife.

----- "Ĉurlika" ( fife ) is a wind wooden instrument with six holes, similar to flute. "Ĉurlike", made by Todor Komazec have a typical shape and they are typical for Bukovica. They differ of other fife and are top carved. They are made by hands as handcraft of maple or chub..